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I'm an epic gamer that is arrived. my being as an alpha gamer is too much for you to comprehend. make sense... I don't know I wanted to sound cool...


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Posted by FFizForces - October 18th, 2020

hello... this should have been my first post but it didn't come to mind. but in this post I will tell you about myself. lets begin.

alright... where do I start? well im in 7th grade as of now... I like to draw and make comic books and stories are my favorite thing to do other than playing games. I started making comics and drawing in 5th grade as a way to pass the time, school was pretty boring and to be honest it still is. but yea once I started I couldn't stop. it got to the point to where I could barely keep my hands off my comics for even a few minutes, and its a problem I still struggle with today. but this isn't about my comics its about me. id say that im a kind (unless you change that), funny (somewhat), and I bunch of other things. I really don't know how to explain myself on the level of personality... I guess you just have to get to know me. but that wraps up my bio I guess...

and we know enter the end of my about me post. im really tired at the moment so if I miss out a few things ill come back and add them... but yeah thanks for reading and I really do have high hopes for this platform. thanks for reading

your best bud (theoretically)

-FFiz Forces


Posted by FFizForces - October 18th, 2020

I have a little predicament that I've come across and I want a second opinion on it...

which one is now considered the 20s? 2020 or 1920? because like they're both the 20s... but like like eventually when we call 2020 the 20s what will the 1920s be? will they both be called the 20s? but then that will get people mixed up? its a really confusing topic and I cant stop thinking about it and so I wrote this for to reasons...

1: to get people to think about it, gives their opinion and have a conversation about it..

and then we have

2: that hopefully writing this will get it out of my head and I can stop thinking about it.

but yea thats all I wanted to talk about right now because im bored and I think we can get you to think about it.

but here's another question... should I do more of these? asking questions and thinking about it and get people talking? just a small side note for my life I guess.

whelp. imma go and have a nice sleep.

goodbye everyone

-FFiz Forces


Posted by FFizForces - October 3rd, 2020

imagine rigging a vote so you make stupid videos on it

-this post was made the moobloom gang